General English

    This course is perfect for students who want to focus on all aspects of the language in order to communicate in everyday situations. Our teachers use the communicative approach and there is a strong focus on speaking and fluency as well as reading and writing. You will be encouraged to communicate with other learners through pair work and group work.

  • -> Improving your everyday English
  • -> Beginner to Advanced levels
  • -> Flexible hours
  • -> Qualified teachers
  • -> Continuous enrolment, join any week

Group classes

You will have the opportunity to make lots of friends from various part of the world who you can practice your english with and communicate with. Teacher will put a weekly plan in your class so that you can see what you will be studying each day. If you miss any class, you can catch up using our class group chats where students’ converse via mobile or other device to make sure everyone is up to pace.

Tracking progress is key to learning languages successfully, which is why our teachers will monitor your progress each week. Weekly tests are provided to ensure you are keeping up with the course. Although every student progresses at different pace, each term generally lasts three months. At the end of term, you will be given an exam and teacher will give you a one to one tutorial to make sure you are prepared for the next term.

    One-to-One (Private lessons)

  • · Improving only the particular areas you need help in
  • · Individualised attention and classes to perfectly suit your learning style
  • · Study at a time that suits your schedule

Private english lessons provide you with the individual attention that you need so that you can learn at your own pace, in your own way. Whether it’s working on your pronunciation, preparing for an interview or preparation for a particular exam, you let us know and your teacher will create a learner plan just for you.

General and Intensive English

Carefully designed to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses, these fully rounded courses will provide you with the improvement you need to make. The courses have been developed to ensure that all skill areas in english receive the right degree of focus for every students in a class.

Our small group sizes mean that our trainers have time to get to know each individual and can work with them on language improvement.

How long you study and when you study are matters for you to decide, but we can provide guidance on what is the right programme for you – simply take the aptitude test on your english skills and start the process today.

Academic Semester and Year

We are also pleased to offer these great, values for money, long term programmes. These are the right choice for learners who have time to give to really master their english. It is available as either 24, 32 or 44 week programmes, with flexi-holiday period, they are the most economical way to study for an extended period.

The programmes also offer choice – if you are of the right level, you can move to either IELTS preparation or one of the similar programmes. The academic team will advise you throughout your course of study and help you make the right choice at the right time to suit you.

Entry Level

From Beginner

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